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Boxworks as a company has existed for more than 50 years.

In July 2009, Boxworks moved to its current location in Bayswater, Victoria. The company specialises almost exclusively in packaging solutions.

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Boxworks runs quite a unique and intricate production process. Given that no two orders are often the same, an order may go through a number of differing channels before completion.

An order is first taken by office staff either by email, over the phone, from the website or in person in the showroom. All orders are taken to the operations manager who assesses them as either custom jobs or standard ones.

Standard jobs are directed to the appropriate machine on which they need to be cut. Production staff place the job in an appropriate position on the production line depending on the customer’s requirements and what other jobs are being cut. Once cut, the boxes may then be assembled in the factory, if the customer requires, or they will be packaged flat pack and dispatched to the customer.

Custom jobs require the box that the customer is after, being specifically designed. Boxes are designed a number of ways. If the order is a shorter run and can be cut on the aeronaut the design is then transferred to this machine and cut. If the order is a longer run it needs to be cut on the Lyon clamshell, and a forme must be ordered to fit the chase of the machine. In general only flute orders are cut on the aeronaut, and therefore most custom orders for paperboard and poly do require a new form.

Customers who require printing on their boxes, can face an additional wait as their materials are printed on, externally, before being cut. Similarly, if a customer has requested a custom designed box the production team will need to put together a design and quote before the order can be cut.


Fluted Cardboard

Fluted cardboard is a paper based material consisting of a corrugated sheet of cardboard backed by one or two flat boards. Boxworks carries only double faced fluted cardboards, meaning that the corrugated board is covered on each side by flat boards.

Fluted cardboard is produced in a number of sizes, each determined by a letter designation. Boxworks currently uses C flute, E flute and F flute to produce its boxes.

Boxworks sources its flute from a number of suppliers. Matt colours are purchased directly from Visy Board who produce it locally. Gloss colours are imported. Flute weight is measured in GSM (grams/square meter). Gloss flute is 600gsm, natural is 450gsm and kraft is 550gsm.

Flute is available is a number of colours, which can be viewed in the colour charts section of this booklet.

Generally speaking the minimum order for flute boxes is 10 units. Flute can be cut on both the aeronaut and the clamshell, making it suitable for both short and long run orders. 

Paperboard / Celloboard

Paperboard is a cardboard based material used by Boxworks to cut smaller and more intricate boxes. Celloboard was a term originally coined by Boxworks to increase its competitive edge. It is specially created by the company to give customers a choice they won’t find anywhere else. Paperboard is imported especially for use as celloboard. It is then dyed and coated with either a gloss finish. This individual process gives Boxworks the power to specialise the material is a large variety of ranges so that customers can always find something to suit their needs. Matt colours are simply referred to as paperboard.

Paperboard boxes have a minimum order of 50 units. This is because they can only be cut on the clamshell using specially designed formes. Given the elaborate set up process of the machine, it is not cost effective for Boxworks accept orders under 50 units. Paperboard comes in both 300 GSM (grams per square metre) and 360 GSM varieties. Stock varies on availability from supplier. For specific enquires regarding paperboard weight, contact Boxworks head office.

Paperboard is available in a large range of styles of box and also colours. The colours that are found in the colour chart section of this booklet form Boxworks’ standard range. Boxworks is able to import a wide variety of different colours to suit customer’s requirements. Generally, in these cases the order needs to be a minimum of 100 units, as there will be a minimum order on the number of sheets Boxworks will be able to order. In these cases it is best to forward the order to Boxworks head office so that they can assist the customer in their colour choice.


Boxworks sources its polypropylene from Megara. Polypropylene is a plastic material that the company carries in a variety of solid and transparent colours. As a standard Boxworks carries polypropylene at a thickness of 0.6mm, however it is available in a range of thicknesses upon request.

Poly orders have a minimum of 50 units as they can only be cut on the clamshell.

Types of Boxes

Mixed Sets

Mixed sets are base and lid sets that consist of a flute base and a paperboard lid. Customers are able to choose the individual colour of the base and the lid to suit their needs.

Placing a paperboard lid on a flute base, rather than a flute lid on a flute base, means that the lid sits a little bit tighter on the base and is less bulky around the edges.

Mixed sets can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes, but are not available in all box sizes.

Eco Friendly Boxes

Boxworks has recently started actively promoting its Eco Friendly range of boards. This range is made completely from recycled and recyclable materials. There are currently a small range of boxes that have been especially picked to be advertised as being available in Eco Friendly boards. These boxes are most popular among customers who tend to opt for Eco Friendly options.

Eco Friendly boards do however form part of Boxworks’ standard range of boards. In flute, natural and kraft, and in paperboard, natural, are all 100% recycled boards that can be used to cut absolutely any of the company’s boxes. This means that using Eco Friendly boards is not limited to the Eco Friendly range of boxes and this should be actively promoted to customers who do show interest in being environmentally conscious.

Our Showroom

Melbourne Head Office & Showroom

Address: Factory 3, 5 Burgess Road
Bayswater North
Victoria, 3153

Phone: 03 8761 6075

Fax: 03 9761 6074

Showroom Hours: 
by Appointment Only

Office Hours: 
Monday to Friday - 9:00am - 4:00pm


“Boxworks produced really highly quality packaging for our company and our clients love them!

Phil Gardner

“We needed a set of packaging and bags for our conference event and we needed them fast. The team at Boxworks helped design them and delivered on time."

Ian Hounsome